What Is a Free Site Consultation Visit?

Hello everybody!


This week we are going to be talking about one of Amitrace’s best features, the free site consultation visit. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet us in person or visited our website, then you’ve probably heard us use this terminology before.


One of the most intimidating things about building a new studio or even starting on a new long term project is getting started. It can be imposing for several reasons, but we’ve found one of the biggest obstacles when getting started is just trying to figure out what the heck your studio needs and where to get it. Our goal at Amitrace is to help you tell your story. Everyone has the potential to make a fantastic production, they just need to make the first step.


This is where Amitrace steps in to alleviate that particular anxiety. For absolutely free we are more than happy to come and visit place of work and perform a site consultation. What this means is that we will take a look at your studio space, or where you want to start your studio, and walk you through what we think you can do to improve your set up and how we can help. No need to keep wondering what kind of equipment will make your productions amazing, our experts are more than willing help you out.


Do you already have equipment to work with and don’t want to replace it? No problem! At Amitrace we believe in creating the studio that works for you, whether it be from the ground up or going off of a set up that you already have. We understand that there isn’t always a need to replace everything in your studio. If you already have a fine set of cameras, an audio switcher or something else we can work around it and help you improve your production in other areas.


Amitrace offers free site consultation visits to all of our customers and we take pride in giving you the best possible studio set up that you can ask for. If you’re interested in a free site visit, please give us a call today at 770-263-9190 or email us at sales@amitrace.com