You don't need a full-fledged team to harness the power of video and elevate your message. Our tools let your staff produce polished, professional videos without becoming production experts.

Video built to move your business

Be honest: Can your sales materials keep a prospect’s attention and close the deal without a salesperson in the room?

From marketing videos to product demos to internal training content, the quality of your communications reflect the quality of your product. Our team works with you to create a system that makes your materials stand above the competition.

Why NDI for Corporate?

Broadcast from anywhere with no point-to-point connection, using your existing network.

From wireless printers to security cameras, more products and industries are using wireless networks to operate more intuitively and make life more convenient. 

It's time broadcasting took advantage of these networks, too. NDI lets you do more with less.

NDI technology lets you stream from anywhere with a single connection point, using your existing network. With NDI, you can combine video, audio, camera controls, tally, and power into a single ethernet cable. 

That means you can put a camera anywhere that can reach an ethernet cable outlet.


Fit for any size team. Whether you’re part of a full-fledged video team, or you’re working solo, our IP workflows make it simpler to deliver a professional-grade product.

A streaming Swiss Army knife. Board meetings, product demos, podcasts, and more can be produced and streamed with the same gear in one central control room.

Mobile, agile streaming Stream live from anywhere on your network — the mayor’s office, polling stations, board rooms — and show documents and other close-ups alongside your stream in real time.

Stream from any device. Turn any compatible iOS or Android device into an NDI video source for your live productions.

Go wireless with your existing network. NDI tremendously accelerates your pre-production, live, and post-production activities by sending real-time video and audio over your standard local area network — no point-to-point connection required.

Experts who are on your side. We want to see you succeed. Just tell us your goals and budget, and we’ll translate that into a custom-built workflow designed to fit your vision.


Record-and-run studio setups

Building a studio doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll work within your needs, goals, and budget to build an easy-to-use studio that allows your staff to record quickly and move on with their day.

Live product demos

With just a few pieces of equipment, you can give a virtual tour of your facilities and deliver a better-than-being-there demo of your products. 

  • Compact robotic cameras can show inner workings of products and equipment.
  • A live feed lets viewers interact and engage with you in real time.
  • Mobile compatibility lets you stream straight from your phone.

LiveStory Creator

Your staff doesn’t need to learn graphic design or motion animation to add smooth branded elements to your video. Just include commands like “enter lower third” or “playback clip” into your script. When you import your script into our products, the LiveStory Creator will automatically interpret your comments and execute them as you read your teleprompter script.

Brand consistency

LiveGraphics allows you to templatize brand elements like colors, fonts, and animations, so your sales team doesn’t have to spend time on production design. By simply including the desired elements in your teleprompter script, our Tricaster technology will automatically insert those into the video on cue.


Our Process for Corporate Solutions

The same Amitrace workflow engineers who visit your site will act as your guide throughout the entire process. Even after they install your equipment and train you to use it, they'll serve as your touchpoint for ongoing support.


Visit Your Site

  • Our Workflow Engineers get a feel for your physical space 
  • Talk to you more about your goals, needs, and budget
  • Understand the long-term plans for the program to simplify future success

Design Your Studio

  • Take into account everything we learned from our on-site visit
  • Create a blueprint for your future studio that fits your budget and space
  • Outline a toolkit that makes your job easier and facilitates your goals

Review Your Quote

  • Review a line-item list of every piece of equipment and expense
  • Help you weigh different options in your toolkit and layout
  • Explain the why behind our plan to administrators and other stakeholders

Install Your Equipment

  • Before delivery, unbox each piece and ensure the entire toolkit is accounted for
  • Pre-commission each tool for easy setup at your new studio
  • Install your new equipment at your site and engineer it to your workflow

Train You to Run the Show

  • Training on your new equipment from the same engineers who installed it
  • Walk you through your workflows so you know them inside and out
  • Answer your questions and offer ongoing support

Your All-In-One Touchpoint

  • Act as your sounding board as your program and needs evolve
  • Provide support and updates for your equipment
  • No need to contact product manufacturers

“Do we not want to integrate testimonials? I think they’ll be important nestled into each category type to show off the brands you’ve worked with and their successes.”


You focus on the story, we’ll focus on the system.

Our team goes above and beyond to gain a deep understanding of your needs and goals, so we can build a system that fits you and your budget to a tee.

We'll keep you in the loop through every step of the process, all the way through installation and our hands-on training.

Once your studio is up and running, we'll continue to offer support and guidance to keep your house of worship running smoothly.


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