Prepare your students for the fast-paced world of broadcasting and film with a professional-grade learning environment. We’ll work with you to plan, customize, and build the perfect studio.

We make procuring your new equipment easy with our industry and professional relationships. Click here to learn about our state contracts and how that helps you.

Put the power in your students' hands.

Your students already live in a video-driven world. Level up their creativity by giving them hands-on experience with the sophisticated equipment used by real broadcast professionals.

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East Forsyth High School

We pulled out all the stops to create a full-scale broadcast studio and control room for EFHS.

Our Process for Education Solutions

The same Amitrace workflow engineers who visit your site will act as your guide throughout the entire process. Even after they install your equipment and train you to use it, they'll serve as your touchpoint for ongoing support.


Visit Your Site

  • Our Workflow Engineers get a feel for your physical space 
  • Talk to you more about your goals, needs, and budget
  • Understand the long-term plans for the program to simplify future success

Design Your Studio

  • Take into account Department of Education and CTAE standards
  • Create a blueprint for your future studio that fits your budget and space
  • Outline a toolkit that facilitates your goals and curriculum

Review Your Quote

  • Review a line-item list of every piece of equipment and expense
  • Help you weigh different options in your toolkit and layout
  • Explain the why behind our plan to administrators and other stakeholders

Install Your Equipment

  • Before delivery, unbox each piece and ensure the entire toolkit is accounted for
  • Pre-commission each tool for easy setup at your new studio
  • Install your new equipment at your site and engineer it to your workflow

Train You to Run the Show

  • Training on your new equipment from the same engineers who installed it
  • Walk you through your workflows so you know them inside and out
  • Answer your questions and offer ongoing support

Your All-In-One Touchpoint

  • Act as your sounding board as your program and needs evolve
  • Provide support and updates for your equipment
  • No need to contact product manufacturers

We'll be the engineers, so you can focus on teaching.

Our team works to understand your unique circumstances and goals to give you exactly what you need. We'll keep you in the loop through every step of the process, all the way through your installation. Once your studio is up and running, we'll continue to offer training, support, and guidance to keep your class running smoothly.


IP Workflows for Education

Broadcast from anywhere with no point-to-point connection, using your existing network.

From wireless printers to robotic vacuums, we are using wireless networks to create a smoother way of operating. So why do we still rely on SDI for broadcasting, the same way we did 20 years ago?

NDI bridges the gap and lets you leverage your wireless network for broadcasting.

Instead of running cables back and forth across campus, NDI gives you the ability to plug your cameras directly into your existing network. Though traditional connections are still an option, NDI gives you more flexibility to grow your studio effectively and affordably.

  • Our workflow engineers know the requirements set forth by procurement departments and the rigorous standards the workflows must meet.
  • With our IP workflows, your entire campus becomes your studio. You can cover news, athletic events, and more without dragging cables and expensive equipment all the way across campus. 
  • NDI tremendously accelerates your pre-production, live, and post-production activities by sending real-time video and audio over your standard local area school network.
  • Focus on teaching and learning by telling stories from anywhere on campus. 
  • You can even turn any compatible iOS or Android device into an NDI video source for your live productions.

Click Here for the Georgia AVTF recommended equipment list. 

No matter what your program focuses on getting the right gear for your program is always a challenge. Use this list to help you plan your purchases. The list includes film production, live news, sports, podcasts and more.


Teaching is hard enough — take the pressure of a new studio set up and training off your plate. Amitrace’s attention to detail is second to none and there are never any surprise costs or obstacles. They understand the needs of school video programs and how to make purchasing, installation, and training easy. The best way to get your studio to professional grade is with Amitrace.

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