We're here for you.

Every system and solution we sell comes with our personal support. Call us, email us, or we can remote in. When you need help, we'll be there. Our tech support line is open from 7:00am - 7:00pm Monday through Friday at (770) 263-8522


TriCaster Advanced Edition
We recommend upgrading to Version 2: 4-0-161023

No known bugs.

TriCaster ProLine Mini/410/460/860/8000

We recommend upgrading to Version: 2-5-160706

No known bugs.


3Play 425

We recommend upgrading to Version: 1-5 160602

No known bugs.

We install your equipment, so we know exactly how to fix it.


We offer the option to help you install your studio so that you can get the set up that’s best for you and helps ease your workload.


Our experts will help train you with your equipment so that you will have a base to work with and be able to get your production up and running as soon as your studio is installed.


We’re always a phone call or an email away. If you have technical questions about your product or just need more information on how to perform certain functions with your TriCaster, feel free to contact us.