From the beginning, Amitrace has always strived to see where technology was going, and how to meet customers at that future needs.

Though Amitrace began as a simple calculator repair business in 1986, it soon became one of the few dealers of Commodore and Amiga products — the first personal PCs. When NewTek created the first desktop video product in the late 80s, Amitrace knew it would change everything.

NewTek shared Amitrace’s approach for developing products based on technology that didn’t quite exist yet, in order to put better technology in the hands of everyday people.


To many, “better” means “more powerful and more complicated.”

To Amitrace, simpler has always been better. That’s what we do. We make it simpler to do more and get more out of your video production.

Since our inception, we’ve built our offering and services around the problems our customers face. We eat our own cooking — we’d never sell a customer something that we don’t use ourselves. We don’t just help you decide which products to buy. We help you make it happen, by listening to what you need and treating your goals as if they’re ours.

The proof is always in the relationships. Amitrace is a family business, and we treat our customers that way. Many of them have been with us for decades, and some have changed their business models based on what we offer and what we do.


We’d love to work with you, and be the video experts you turn to for the long haul, no matter what the future brings.