NDI: The Future of Broadcasting

NDI lets you use the equipment and wireless networks you already have to simplify the entire production lifecycle. With NDI, quality, speed, and mobility all move as one.

At Amitrace, we understand the importance of seamless integration and advanced technology in the realm of broadcasting. That's why we're proud to introduce our expertise in NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) technology, empowering broadcasters to achieve new heights of efficiency and quality in their productions.

What is NDI?

Think about the way you produce your video and broadcasts today.

You want to shoot from several different sites, but you’re rooted to one centralized control room. The farther you get from your control room, the more cords, equipment, and complication it takes to pull off your shoot.

Instead of dragging cables halfway across the world, what if you could shoot and transmit crystal-clear video over your existing network — no point-to-point connection required? 

NDI lets you do just that. 


High quality

NDI supports video formats of all sizes. HD, 4k, 8k, and beyond.


Low latency

Video can be sent over NDI with latency as low as 1/30 of a second, so all your broadcasts stay in sync across all destinations.


Stream from anything

NDI gives you an infinite amount of sources and destinations. PTZ cameras, iPhones, TriCaster, Monitors, vMix, Central Storage, even live production in the cloud.

How can I use NDI?

Whether you’re shooting a meeting down the hall or a football game across campus, with no point-to-point cables, you can massively simplify the logistics of shooting.

NDI-compatible devices like robotic cameras can help you get those hard-to-reach shots for everything from church services to product demos. 

Share your screen, images, or documents right alongside your video feed. 

When shooting live events, NDI gives you dependable, portable video so you can follow the story wherever it takes you.

NDI Use Cases:

Stop moving your control room to every shoot, and leave the long cables behind. With NDI, just plug your camera into the wall.

Broadcast from anywhere on your campus by just plugging in your camera to a network jack. Classrooms, theaters, common areas, stadiums, offices, gyms — the possibilities are endless.

Stream your training center, demos, board meetings, product videos, and more.

Houses of Worship
Make broadcasts of services more interesting with more interesting shots. Use NDI as a distribution format so the entire campus can hear the service live. With only a 1/30 second delay, singing, sermons, and responses stay in unison.

With NDI 5, you can bring in sources from around the world and playback your story live from premiere pro timeline to air. 

Take citizens where the action is, from City Hall and the Mayor's office to town events, and stream it live to your community.


Frequently Asked Questions

It costs nothing to start using NDI. All the tools you need to get set up are absolutely free.