A Better Way to Broadcast and Stream Video

Broadcast and Streaming A/V Integrators You be the storyteller. We’ll be the engineers.



We'll customize a workflow to your unique needs, then build your toolkit for producing high-quality videos with ease and speed.



Our team designs and installs your new workflow to integrate smoothly with your existing system, delivering maximum impact with minimal disruption.



We’ll train you and your team to work comfortably and confidently with your new tools, and we’ll always be there for live support.

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Case Studies

Can you imagine storytelling without boundaries?

Whether you’re streaming a Friday night football game or a Sunday morning church service, NDI lets you broadcast from anywhere with no point-to-point connection.

The best part? NDI uses your existing network — the same network you use for devices like wireless printers and security cameras.


We’ll Help You See It Through

Amitrace is a family company specializing in video and broadcast solutions for over a decade. No matter how complex technology gets, our goal will always be to keep it simple.

We’ll pick up the phone when you call.

We’ll go the extra mile to understand you, your needs, and your organization.

We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your new system.

The same engineers will guide you throughout the entire process and serve as your ongoing point of contact for support.


No matter your industry, Amitrace can design a workflow that takes your video streaming and broadcasting to the next level.