House of Worship

Your church is a sacred space, but how do you translate that spiritual connection to members watching from home? Let us help you find your online voice and keep members in community with your church.

A medium that empowers your message.

Worship is an experience that creates a sense of community and reverence—an experience that can't be replicated with a static, wide-angle filming of your service. 

With the right video tools and workflow, you can create a meaningful experience built for engaging online viewers.

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Robotic cameras
NDI & IP Video
Remote Presenters
Stream & Broadcast anywhere
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St. Phillip's Cathedral Case Study

We’ll be the engineers, so you can focus on your congregation.

Our team goes above and beyond to gain a deep understanding of your needs and goals, so we can build a system that fits you and your budget to a tee. 

We'll keep you in the loop through every step of the process, all the way through installation and our hands-on training. 

Once your studio is up and running, we'll continue to offer support and guidance to keep your house of worship running smoothly.

You don’t need a complete overhaul of your system.
We work with your existing system to help you achieve the best possible result.
You don’t have to break the bank.
Our custom solutions and ready-made packages are built to excel within your budget constraints.
You don’t have to be a technical expert.
Ease-of-use is our top priority. Our support staff will train your team, no matter their experience.

Workflows powered by NewTek TriCaster

NewTek TriCaster follows film and broadcast industry standards and has been a leader in video innovation since 1985.

Amitrace is proud to be the only Platinum NewTek dealer in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Our broadcast workflows are based around the NewTek Tricaster and NDI. The NewTek TriCaster is used by churches of all sizes as well as professional broadcasters like the NBA and Turner.

Why NDI for your House of Worship?

Broadcast from anywhere with no point-to-point connection, using your existing network.

From wireless printers to security cameras, more products and industries are using wireless networks to make life more convenient. 

It's time broadcasting took advantage of these networks, too. 

NDI technology lets you stream from anywhere with a single connection point, using your existing network. With NDI, you can combine video, audio, camera controls, tally, and power into a single ethernet cable. 

That means you can put a camera anywhere that can reach an ethernet cable outlet.


Fit for any size team. Whether you’re part of a full-fledged video team, or you’re working solo, our IP workflows make it simpler to deliver a professional-grade product.

More engaging footage.  Robotic PTZ cameras can fit where a traditional camera can’t, giving you endless shot possibilities, from the pew to the choir loft to the baptismal font.

Easy to deploy. With one cable and one plug, anyone can set up and use our equipment.

Zero latency. With NDI, latency is as low as 1/30 of a second, so your broadcasts stay in sync across campus and beyond.

Stream from anything. With NDI, you can turn any compatible iOS or Android device into an NDI video source for your productions. Use your phone as a camera source from the lobby, garden, parish hall — anywhere you have wifi.

One toolkit, many purposes. The same equipment can be used to film services, send webcasts, produce podcasts, and more.

We’ll be the experts. Just tell us your goals and budget, and we’ll translate that into a custom-built workflow designed to fit your vision.


“Amitrace always delivers what they promise, and they have excellent, creative solutions to our specific needs. Their implementation and support are top-of-the-line.”

Director of Communications
The Cathedral of St. Phillip

Our Process for House of Worship Solutions

The same Amitrace workflow engineers who visit your site will act as your guide throughout the entire process. Even after they install your equipment and train you to use it, they'll serve as your touchpoint for ongoing support.


Visit Your Site

  • Our Workflow Engineers get a feel for your physical space 
  • Talk to you more about your goals, needs, and budget
  • Understand the long-term plans for the program to simplify future success

Design Your Studio

  • Take into account everything we learned from our on-site visit
  • Create a blueprint for your future studio that fits your budget and space
  • Outline a toolkit that makes your job easier and facilitates your mission

Review Your Quote

  • Review a line-item list of every piece of equipment and expense
  • Help you weigh different options in your toolkit and layout
  • Explain the why behind our plan to church leaders and other stakeholders

Install Your Equipment

  • Before delivery, unbox each piece and ensure the entire toolkit is accounted for
  • Pre-commission each tool for easy setup at your new studio
  • Install your new equipment at your site and engineer it to your workflow

Train You to Run the Show

  • Training on your new equipment from the same engineers who installed it
  • Walk you through your workflows so you know them inside and out
  • Answer your questions and offer ongoing support

Your All-In-One Touchpoint

  • Act as your sounding board as your program and needs evolve
  • Provide support and updates for your equipment
  • No need to contact product manufacturers

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