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NDI is no doubt the future of broadcast as we know it. With the endless flexibility and powerful applications being released everyday, how could you ever choose which one is right for you? Well, you don’t have to worry about that any longer because NewTek has the bundle for you. That’s right, every NDI application NewTek has to offer in one low price, and even lower if you are an educational institution. Let’s take a look at what all you will get!

  1. TriCaster Advanced Edition
    • The backbone of NewTek NDI protocol, the Advanced Edition opens up your Tricaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, or 8000 to a world of new features.
  2. NDI Telestrator
    • Give your anchor the interaction they deserve with the Telestrator App. Draw on live program video directly to your TriCaster just like the pros.
  3. NDI Transmit
    • Convert you low quality webcams and conferencing equipment into broadcast quality NDI sources ready for any production.
  4. Virtual Set Editor AE
    • Edit the virtual sets for your live productions from anywhere. Add logos or change the color scheme, all with the VSE AE.
  5. LiveText
    • Add an additional CG to your workflow with LiveText powered by DataLink.
  6. Adobe NDI Plug-in
    • Got a deadline? Of course you do, it’s production. Don’t wait on the editor to export. Have him playback from his edit station directly to your show.
  7. NDI Connect
    • Convert any computer, or capture device into a live input for your broadcast with NDI Connect.
  8. NDI ISOcorder
    • Turn any computer in your network to a recorder. Use it as a back up or as a way to speed up production time.

As you can see, this bundle is exactly what any production needs to move into the NDI market and increase their production value. The incredible power of NDI can change everything about how you broadcast your content. There is only one problem, this bundle ends December 31st of this year! So, don’t wait for this offer to pass you up. Check out the product page for more information, or contact our office today to order yours. This bundle is only $4175.00, but if you are an accredited educational institution, this bundle is yours for only $995.00!

-Phillip Greene

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