TriCaster Instant Replay

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Today we will be discussing the “Instant Replay” function in the NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition. This is a great addition to any production looking for a simple replay solution. This feature is only available on the Advanced Edition software on the NewTek TriCasters. It is ready on all units that can utilize the Advanced Edition, so whether you are using the TriCaster Mini or the TriCaster 8000, you can have instant replay.

With the Advanced Edition, among other features, you receive the ability to place the previous 15 seconds of any recording from your ISOcorder directly into the timeline. Now even though you were able to do this in the Proline of TriCaster, the Advanced Edition makes this a one button operation. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Set-up your recordingsreplay-1

In the recording tab in live mode, select your desired recordings as you normally would.

Step 2: Set-up the replay

replay New in the Advanced Edition, you will see a tab in your recording panel labeled “Replay.” In this tab you will be able to set-up things like; Where you would like the replay to go, the playback speed, the clip duration, and even make a comment for each clip.

Step 3: Start Recording
Once you have completed all of your settings you are ready to begin using Instant Replay. Simply start recording and you will see numbered boxes appear next to your record tab. Each box represents each ISOcord you selected. Once the action happens, you can click on any of the numbered boxes to load that clip into your DDR and it is now ready for playback in your show. These can also be loaded by using a “Macro” to automate this for you. replay-2

There you have it. How to use the “Instant Replay” function in your TriCaster Advanced Edition. Next week we will go over some of the new features with your DDR and how you can use the Instant Replay with custom transitions in and out of program automatically. For more information and how to’s, contact our office at anytime. We will be happy to assist you with your production.


-Phillip Greene

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