The New NewTek™ TriCaster 2 Elite

NewTek™ has unveiled its latest addition to the TriCaster family, the TriCaster 2 Elite. As the most trans-formative digital media production solution in the industry, the TriCaster 2 Elite is designed for content creators that require a future-ready production ecosystem that grows with their business. The TriCaster 2 Elite provides media input-output flexibility to address the needs of media content producers beyond just broadcast video.

The Tricaster™ 2 Elite is 3RU rack-mount production switcher capable of broadcasting, streaming and recording simultaneously.

Complete Digital Media Production

Produce digital media content with multi-channel recording multi-channel remote guest conferencing. Upload of clips, utitlize multi-angle instant replay functionality, and packaging of media content including multi-cam acquisition. Make use of compositing of sophisticated static and animated graphics, multimedia and visual effects, advanced audio processing, input and output of video in non-standard aspect ratios. Broadcast with frame rates and resolutions for any platform and destination. Deliver up to 8 3G or 2 UHD configurable mix outputs.

The TriCaster™ 2 Elite uses a 650W redundant power supply, 4 TB SSD Media, 250 GB SSD System.

Limitless IP Processing

NDI® video, audio and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency and instant access to and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the network in real time. The linking of multiple locations over IP create a sophisticated multi-system, with multi-site workflows. Support for up to 32 video input sources and up to 48 output signals over IP, all independently configurable through software. Broadcast up to 4K easily.

Setting New Standards

TriCaster 2 Elite enables studios, broadcasters, large scale campuses and enterprise facilities to harness nearly every major video calling application and IP video source type in use today, including:
    • Skype™, MS Teams™, Zoom Meetings™, GoToMeeting™, Discord, Tencent
    • Smartphones

The TriCaster 2 Elite can connect with nearly every video calling application, giving you flexibility in how you bring in your remote callers for your presentation.

Distributed Operation

Use NDI® technology to move video, audio, and data from one TriCaster 2 Elite system to another. Encompass all compatible systems, devices, and applications available to the network. Communicate with other systems and compatible edge devices over IP and become accessible for operation from any location on your network—even from multiple remote locations

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