The BirdDog™ P200 Camera

Hey everybody!

Today we’re going to talk more about the newest addition to the PTZ camera market, the BirdDog™ P200 PTZ NDI Camera.


The P200 is a full pan, tilt and zoom camera that makes use of several components that help put it at the top of its class: most notably a full Sony CMOS backlit sensor and true Sony image model that provides high quality, precision optics and lightning quick focus and zoom and built in tally.

Like most modern cameras, the P200 also offers HDMI and SDI compatibility, however it also comes with the third up and coming connection of NDI®. True NDI® at that, opposed to NDI|HX, meaning that high quality connections are preserved without compressing the final product.

In addition to the camera itself, purchases of the P200 includes BirdDog™’s free intercom software, Comms Lite which can support up to four BirdDog™ devices and one Director.

Additional applications for the BirdDog™ P200 camera are coming later this summer, including the PTZ Keyboard so that you can have total control of all of the camera’s functions remotely and can control dozens of PTZ cameras on a single network.

The BirdDog™ P200 pricing starts at  $2795. For more info or to even set up an on-site demo with the P200, feel free to reach out to Amitrace today!