Tally Lights and Tally Controllers

Hello Everybody!


Today we will be talking about Tally lights and their partner the Tally Controllers. During a live production it can sometimes be difficult to micromanage every single detail such as directing which camera for the talent to be looking at. Tally Lights are an easy fix to this issue and a standard for a professional live studio. Tally lights are incredibly useful for giving your talent focus while directing them to look at which camera and when to do so. Not only can Tally lights assist in giving a smooth production but they also play a great part in putting your studio higher up on the professional level.



Tally lights are mounted on top of a camera with LED lights that can change color to notify the talent to look at it and to also tell the camera operator that they are live. Tally lights also have the function of being controlled by a Tally Light Controller or can be directly interfaced with the NewTek Tricaster units which have tally ports.



Two of the two main types of Tally Controllers are the TLC-4S and the TLC-8S. The TLC-4S has six tally output channels and supports Program, Preview and Talent tally. While the Talent tally is tied to the program tally, it can be globally disabled via software. The TLC-8S has the same functionality but has eight tally output channels instead of six, allowing more hook ups to cameras based on the size of your studio.


What sets both Tally Controllers apart from a single adapter cable, however, is the intercom pass through which allows you to run both tall and intercom on a single Cat5 cable run.


Amitrace offers both the TLC-4S and TLC-8S controllers, priced at $425.00 and $495.00 respectively. Create your professional studio today!