Save up to $9995* on a TC1 Select Bundle or VMC1 IP Series

Until the end of the year, you can now save up to $9995 on TC1 Select Bundles!*

TC1 Select Bundle Special Offer*

  • Limited Time – Large Panel Bundles for Small Panel Prices
    • TriCaster TC1 Select Bundle: $19,995USD
    • TriCaster TC1 Plus Select Bundle: $24,995 USD
  • Includes Five Year License of Premium Access 2 ($9,995USD value)

VMC1 Special Offer*

  • Limited Time Pricing of $32,995USD
  • Includes Permanent License of Premium Access 2 ($9,995 value)

*Valid until December 13, 2019

As always, for more info feel free to reach out to Amitrace for some free consultation.

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