TriCaster Mini 4K! New & Improved

Now $7,995 – TriCaster Mini 4K + 2 4K Spark I/O Modules

The TriCaster Mini has been a desired all purpose portable switcher for several years now. Available in HDMI and SDI models, it was the ideal switcher for any production on the go. Packed with all the same features you would come to aspect in a TriCaster including; Video Playback, Down Stream Key’s, Mix Effects, Multi-Channel Streaming, and Virtual Sets.

It is time for a something new and greatly improved! The TriCaster Mini 4k has been out for a few months now and has moved through the broadcasting industry rapidly. With it’s sleek new design and flashy LED light show, whats not to love! If you haven’t heard the news, lets go over a few things.

You will notice there are NO SDI or even HDMI inputs or outputs on this unit, that is because this box is an all inclusive NDI system. That’s right, all 8 inputs are NDI only! This means you will need to use one of the many NDI powered PTZ or handheld cameras, or even some of the converters.

Networking can be a hassle and scary if you have no experience with networking in the past. Don’t worry, because this Mini has your back. With the 6 total network ports on the unit, each providing it’s own private network, it truly is a plug and play system.

Four of these ports are POE+ enabled however you only have a 60W power limit so plan accordingly. Worried about bringing down your existing network? Don’t, The TriCaster senses another server and automatically adjust its network to accommodate.

Updated Features

For those who have already purchase their Mini 4k and have been using it for a while, you know that there has been some features that you know and love and would like to see returned to you. We are going to highlight what is new in the latest software build for the TriCaster Mini 4k.

  • Increased to 4 total Mixed Outputs from 2 (HD Mode Only)
  • Re-Introduced 1 GFX Media Player
  • Re-introduced Macros
  • Added NDI KVM (Premium Access Feature)
  • Added LivePanel (Premium Access Feature)
  • Added Live Story Creator (Premium Access Feature)
  • Added SRT Ingest Support
  • Added Animated GIF Support Through Buffers
  • Re-Introduced Media Player Presets
  • Re-Introduce External LTC Support

Some of these features are reserved for users that subscribe to NewTek Premium Access. These features noted above all come at no additional charge to you. In additional to these great new features, the Mini now includes 2 4k Spark input/output modules with the base model. That means you will have everything you need to start a two camera production minutes from opening the box. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you.