Mission: Possible – 83 Schools Get New Studios

We recently celebrated the completion of what is most likely our largest project as a company. As of June, we completed a three-year project that saw our crew install live production workflows in over 80 elementary schools in the Gwinnett County Public Schools system.

Gwinnett County Schools is the largest school system in Georgia with over 140 school buildings. They are one of the largest school systems in the country with over 180,000 students and 13,000 teachers.
These elementary workflows were a great example of a great relationship between Amitrace and the Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) system. The partnership allowed for GCPS to have a uniform workflow for all 83 schools to allow for an easy production process for the end user and simple troubleshooting for the support team at GCPS and Amitrace. Amitrace engineer, Peter Bernier said that the “large scale of this project is the root of what made it interesting.” When asked what made this project special, Bernier said “the ability for a small company to streamline and replicate (the installation) process 83 times… and the end results were nearly identical.”

The project saw that the students and staff get high quality tools to help them create great content each day. The workflow centered around the Datavideo SE-3200. The production teams have up to 12 inputs to get the right cameras, playback devices, and graphics on the air for their local community. Mackie 1202 audio mixers provided the audio mix for the broadcasts. For cameras, two Canon XA55s were used in each installation. Ikan light kits were used in the studio spaces that ranged from not much more than a corner in a closet to a full size room.

Bernier also shares that doing a project of this magnitude helps in other areas that are usually a stumbling block; “Our Relationship with the county and familiarity of their processes from an IT perspective allowed us to anticipate issues and avoid/correct them so fast that it rarely held up progress.”
Bernier also shares that as a company, a project like this has other side effects, “The GCPS project was also a great training step for new team members since it covers all of the essential skills.”

For the stakeholders in Gwinnett County, a project of this magnitude means that for years to come, they will have access to their schools via video products produced by students. While the students are learning a variety of skills including teamwork, communication, reading, and writing.