Limited Time Discount for Educators on TriCaster Mini!

Hello everybody!

Today we’re going to be talking about a  limited time promotion deal for educators!

Until June 22nd, the TriCaster Mini HD-4 will be $1000 off for educators, bringing the price down from $5995 to $4995. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your current video broadcast set up or get started with something new! If you want to deliver a great looking, professional broadcast for your school and get your kids some hands on experience on delivering a news program, now is the time!

The TriCaster Mini is what we call a “turn key solution”. It’s got everything you need all in one package: whether it be broadcasting, streaming, recording or managing the graphics for your show. Additionally, all TriCaster Mini units include NewTek’s TriCaster Advanced Edition which give it NDI compatibility and access to numerous other features like Virtual Sets.

Amitrace offers free consultation and demos on all of our products! Give us a call or shoot us an email today to learn how to improve your video broadcast set up today!

You should also check out the work that we’ve done with other schools and educators. It’s never too late to get the broadcast that your kids deserve.