Jones County High School Broadcast Studio and Control Room

Amitrace has just finished completing one of our largest projects this year at Jones County High School. The objective was once again a full scale broadcast studio complete with a control room.

The control room portion of the studio made use of a TriCaster TC1 which would serve as the heart of the operation. The TC1 is, of course, NewTek’s™ premiere production switcher that is capable of recording, streaming and broadcasting simultaneously with a potential of 16 inputs, 4 physical and 12 configurable NDI.

The control room made use of multiple monitors and a custom built desk control bay desk by Amitrace.

Blackmagic™ duo monitors and 20×20 video hubs also comprised this set up, allowing the control room crew to have complete control of their production even as it was occurring one room over past a series of heavy glass windows. A DataVideo™ ITC-100 intercom system allowed all members of the team to stay connected with wireless headset communications.

Ikan™ Teleprompters mounted with JVC cameras allow on air talent to read their script accurately. Monitors mounted on rolling carts allow them to observe how they appear in a broadcast.

In the actual news room, Amitrace set up several JVC cameras mounted onto Ikan™ PT3700 teleprompters to give the on air talent a place to easily read their script, as well as set up several monitor carts with large screens to observe the broadcast. 

The overhead lighting fixtures were also set up by Amitrace, using the preexisting overhead rig and metal bars to hang at almost a dozen Ikan™ IDMX500 panel lights.

The IDMX500 panel lights were arranged to illuminate a specific part of the studio while keeping the rest in shadow.

As always, Amitrace is proud of the work it has accomplished and is happy to have been able to work with Jones County High School. If you have any questions on how we turn your current broadcasting set up into a professional one such as this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or complete the form below.

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