Get Training Certification for TriCaster

Hello everybody!


While Amitrace does offer video and broadcast solutions from several of the best brands in the business, one of our most prominent manufacturers is NewTek. NewTek is the leader in creating IP distribution based video production switchers such as their most famous product, the TriCaster.


If you’ve ever attended one of our webinars or looked around our website, you’ll be quick to notice that we here at Amitrace are experts when it comes to operating the TriCaster. That isn’t a position that is mutually exclusive to us though, in fact we would love to extend that skill set to you as well.



Amitrace offers full TriCaster certification training for operating NewTek’s tricaster. We offer a three day certification course that will teach you the ins and outs of NewTek’s flagship product that will not only give you a thorough understanding of the TriCaster but also allow you to take the certification course to become an official, licensed, TriCaster operator.


We believe that this training is beneficial to all TriCaster owners because while the TriCaster is easy to use and learn, it also has a great deal of potential that can be unlocked with the proper guidance and direction. Also with switchers like the TriCaster becoming more wide use, having certification and training becomes a valuable resume skill.


Amitrace offers several different options for training including virtual web training and onsite, in-person training. More details about these options can be found on our sister site, in addition to details about our instructor Faraz Ahmed.


Amitrace offers basic training and support with all of our TriCaster solutions as well. However there’s always room to improve ourselves and strive to get the most out of your broadcast.