Bird-Dog Cloud Is Here

NDI has been upgraded with Bird-Dog Cloud. Now take NDI anywhere in the world! No longer do you have to reside in the same network or even in the same country.

In a world being forced into isolation, accessing the content needed for needed to deliver important information to your viewers have become more difficult than ever. NDI was introduced a while ago and open up to creating amazing productions from anywhere in the network. Allowing companies to cut the cables and enable them to create a centralized control room from any location in the network. The key being, inside the network.

Now break through those barriers and start sending NDI over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Bird-Dog Cloud will allow you to transmit and receive NDI signals from any location. Simply install the client endpoint application and you are well on your way to producing world wide content. The client will sniff out all available NDI sources on the network, that would otherwise be available to that pc. Meaning, If I utilize multiple NIC’s to receive NDI from different networks, they all will be available for me to use on the Cloud.

Control Remote PTZ’s to enhance your production even without a camera man!

Use the Studio to connect manned cameras to your production.

Use Comms to speak to your team from the comfort of your home.

Your production now has the flexibility it needs to grow globally. From remote PTZ cameras in various locations, to live interviews in your many different studios. You can bring the story to you from anywhere!

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