Amitrace At The APS Media Kickoff

Hello everybody!

Amitrace recently attended the Atlanta Public Schools Media Kickoff held on July 27th at Continental Colony Elementary School. The event was centered around helping provide knowledge and expertise for up and coming media programs as part of the Atlanta Public Schools system. Numerous exhibitors came to explain their products that could help establish a world class 21st Century media programs in our children’s schools today!



Several presentations were given throughout the day, including one from our very own Faraz Ahmed who gave a presentation titled “Building a Morning Broadcast Program” which  was designed to teach school media specialists a few tips and tricks on how to start up their very own video production program for handling things like morning announcements and student run news productions.



Faraz’s presentation talked about how simple it can be to start your own morning broadcast program and what kind of tools and positions you’ll need to make it happen. No matter what kind of set up you may or may not already have, an effective and engaging video program is something that all schools are capable of elementary all the way to university.


Amitrace was very happy to attend the APS Media Kickoff this year and would like to thank the Atlanta Public School system for inviting us.


If you missed out on the APS Media Kick Off and wanted to learn more about the subjects that Faraz talked about, you’ll get your chance with an upcoming educational vlog that Amitrace will be producing soon. As always, if you have any questions about how you can start your own video production studio or improve on a set up you already have, please feel free to contact us and schedule a free site consultation visit!