USED NewTek TriCaster 460

$14,995.00 $9,995.00


USED NewTek TriCaster 460

$14,995.00 $9,995.00

NewTek TriCaster 460 Stand Alone


Product Highlights

  • 15 Channels / 4 SDI Camera Inputs
  • Supports Resolutions up to 1080p
  • Live Streaming & Social Media Publishing
  • Effects, Titles, Buffers, Transitions
  • Multi-Channel Audio Mixer
  • Rugged 2RU Chassis
  • Familiar Live Production Controls

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The NewTek TriCaster 460 allows you to simultaneously broadcast, project, stream, and record. With the TriCaster 460, you get all the gear you need in a 2RU system that’s easy to use and ready to travel.

Built for live event producers and web casters on-the-move, the TriCaster 460 does the work that usually requires racks of equipment, but integrates it all into a turnkey solution that saves space, setup, cabling, and expense. With just one system you can record, encode, switch, submix, playback, mix audio, create advanced graphics and titling, and more. You can also create high-quality shows with custom visuals like 3D holographic virtual sets, and improve your workflow with a wide variety of productivity enhancing tools. The TriCaster 460 is suitable for mobile producers, independent video and Web TV experts, advanced worship producers, and corporate video departments.

Part of the complete TriCaster 460 solution, the TriCaster 460 Control Surface lets you maintain a small production footprint without sacrificing manual control. With an intuitive layout, familiar live production controls, and compact frame, the TriCaster 460 Control Surface is suitable for mobile production or tight spaces. It features illuminated buttons, a premium T-Bar and 3-axis joystick for precision control of effects, zooms, and transitions, and a durable, ergonomic design.

Please see the links below for more information on the various components of this kit.

  • NewTek TriCaster 460 Multi-Camera Production System

    The Newtek TriCaster 460 is a van-friendly, 2U, multi-camera, multi-input, multi-format switcher system that allows you to simultaneously broadcast, project, stream, and record. It supports real-time, 4 M/E compositing and offers 3D and holographic virtual sets, transitions, and brand elements, and audio is adjustable for all input sources.

    Built-in IsoCorder technology allows recording up to four isolated, simultaneous feeds during live production. You can instantly publish content to popular social media sites, upload to FTP sites, transfer to storage volumes/network locations, share clips and stills during production, or upload your entire show within minutes after production wraps. Custom memory presets and key commands allow you to streamline sophisticated operation sequences that are too complex for real-time action execution.

    An advanced control interface is built into the system, and a compatible control surface can optionally be purchased and incorporated. Two sets of keys are included for unlocking the unit from the front.

    Turnkey Production
    Based on the innovative concept of a single system to broadcast, project stream, and record simultaneously, TriCaster 460’s multiple turnkey functions do the work usually requiring racks of equipment, but integrated into a small, van-friendly footprint instead. Just one system replaces gear for recording, encoding, switching, submixing, playback, audio mixing, DVE, advanced graphics and titling, animation store, scan conversion, multiple channels of virtual sets, live streaming, camera automation, scopes and monitors, and social media publishing.
    Scaled for Mobility
    The TriCaster is professional-grade gear in a compact size. Industry-standard analog and digital connectivity, along with swift setup and teardown for in-and-out coverage, allow you to make the most of just 2U of rack space in a production vehicle or other space, and help you gain a freedom of movement that’s just not possible with racks of individual components pieced together.
    Mix-and-Match I/O
    TriCaster 460 provides connectivity to prepare for any location scenario. Connect multiple cameras with the capability to mix and match connection types, including SDI, component, composite, and Y/C; and even camera types with varying SD and HD resolutions and formats. Equally flexible outputs can send a variety of feeds to multiple destinations and displays-even send a signal to another TriCaster over the network with a network output.
    4-Channel ISO Source Recording
    NewTek’s IsoCorder technology combines the capabilities of racks and racks of video capture equipment, providing multi-track, multi-format recording of up to 4 simultaneous channels. Record any combination of your finished show, a clean feed, raw source captures from any camera, or more, at full resolution-directly from the user interface.
    15-Channel Multi-Camera Production
    The TriCaster provides connectivity for 4 camera sources, and color correction, keying, cropping, scaling, and frame sync on every input. Video playback from 2 DDRs-not just short clips with an overly restrictive frame count: we’re talking full-length packages and whatever else you need. It allows for digital media from 2 built-in graphic and sound slots, 2 network sources for sharing computer displays, wireless iOS devices, or any over-the-network source, and 4 M/E banks to stage live virtual sets, create real-time compositions and presets, and submixes that can act as upstream switchers (or secondary programs out).
    Expanded Media Sources: Buffers and Network Inputs
    Providing greater built-in source variety, the TriCaster 460 gives producers instant access to even more content in real-time, without adding equipment or crew. Ten still buffers and 5 animation buffers provide 15 bonus always on sources. And, enhanced network inputs support cloud video, streaming servers, remote cameras, remotely hosted clips, USB cameras, and more, dramatically expanding content and programming possibilities without taking up a hardware input.
    Audio Mixing
    The TriCaster integrated multi-channel audio mixer is loaded with enhancements that raise the caliber of your shows’ sound to the same professional, network quality as the visuals. It provides unprecedented routing, customization, control, and flexibility-and further opportunities for sound configuration and delivery like simulcast audio, multi-language presentation, and mix-minus applications (such as Skype calls)-without the investment in scores of external hardware. If live control by an audio operator is what you want, you get full support for mixing from NewTek’s iPad remote mixer app, the Avid Artist Mix control surface (sold separately), and other third-party audio control interfaces.
    Visual & Motion Effects
    TriCaster 460 has a powerful integrated effects engine available for live production. It packs a myriad of features: from full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio, to real-time cloth dynamics, 3D video warping, and transformations with TransWarp effects and motion overlays; all the way to your own custom, branded effects using the included Animation Store Creator application, and real-time, multi-layered compositions with 4 M/E rows and motion effects. TriCaster 460 lets nothing stand in the way of getting the look you want or the professional presentation your organization demands.
    Automation functions in TriCaster 460 help you experiment with more complex sequences but leave nothing to chance during a live production. Reduce on-air mistakes with macros-streamline real-time shot sequences that make the show look more sophisticated, but are too complicated to execute live and risk-costly errors. Unlimited external control functions with MIDI sequencing enables show control of nearly any command, or offloading tasks to additional crew. With hotspots, the talent can trigger automated sequences requiring extraordinary timing with on-camera gestures, effectively controlling a segment without an operator, and add remotely controlled robotic cameras as input sources, without the need to add camera operators.
    Virtual Sets
    Even if your set is really a multi-purpose room or the corner of a studio, your viewers will not only see your professional brand shine through-they’ll see any world you want to create, without the heavy construction. With TriCaster 460 system’s virtual sets, you can elevate your look with realistic foregrounds and live moving backgrounds. Not just high-end studio looks either: take a panoramic picture of any location with your smart phone, or a 3D model from any universe you create, and make it your scene using the holographic LiveSet capability, bringing augmented reality closer to life. Add real-time energy to any virtual set with 2 live sources-each with overlay, all with transitions, sounds, 3D DVEs, and effects. Live camera moves and shot changes during production bring your new location to life.
    Social Media Publishing
    With a brief setup beforehand and the real-time grab of a shot, generate second-screen content for sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter during the live show, and extend your brand to online and second-screen platforms-or share assets to common storage locations for instant access by others. Hey, set it all up with a macro and just push a button, and you’ve increased your program exposure without adding equipment, personnel, or lag time.
    TriCaster 460 provides extensive workflow interoperation for postproduction: 4-channel ISO recording enables the capture of all the raw sources coming into the program, for later repurposing or reuse. Expanded media format support (like native QuickTime-encoded files embedded with timecode and 4 audio tracks) eliminates conversion for production or editing, speeds up post-production workflows, and enables wider integration of Mac or PC based files. The codecs for Mac and PC let you encode media assets, optimized for real time.
    External and Third-Party Applications
    Through our third-party developer network, TriCaster 460 supports an extended set of products that work directly with the system to provide innovative solutions and workflows in several different areas of your live production, including streaming, graphics, content, and controllers. NewTek’s SDK enables developers and customers to tap into the power of TriCaster functionality, add applications that enhance the production workflow, and further extend integration with standard and custom installations. And, NewTek’s suite of peripheral applications and hardware control surfaces (sold separately) rounds out the total solution.
    Virtual Camera Moves
    Bring your virtual environment to life with animated virtual camera moves. Adjust shot framing on the fly with manual pan, zoom, and pedestal movements, or zip from one preset shot to another without touching the camera.
    2x LiveSet Shot Presets
    Leagues further than just a start and finish zoom position, all professional TriCasters support full pan and scan configuration, with 8 custom preset positions for all sets-and with the new live Shot Editor, presets can be modified even while live.
    Live Virtual Sets
    The next generation of live virtual sets included in TriCaster 460 takes total advantage of NewTek’s full pan and scan capabilities and position presets, and also included are updated, more life-like template sets.
    Holographic Live Virtual Sets
    Create a customized virtual environment from any real-world location. Turn panoramic images taken with your smartphone, DSLR or even point-and-shoot camera into a photorealistic virtual set, using the companion TriCaster VSE 2.5 software (sold separately).
    Playback from Cloud, IP, and Stream
    Access virtually limitless video sources and content applications as video sources, with the ability to connect to Cloud-based media, IP cameras, and streaming servers through network inputs.
    Still & Title Buffers (10)
    You can access up to 15 additional media sources instantly during live production, and view and manage buffer content directly inside the integrated multiviewer, including animation preview (in some models) and live title editing.
    Animation Buffers (5)
    Dedicate some of your new buffers for up to 5 more full-motion sources for anything animated that you want instantly available, like LiveSet backgrounds, station logos, animated graphics elements, and set them to loop, run once, move around, slow down, position anywhere, scale, and key.
    De-Fielded Grabs
    Stills from any input (even buffers) can be captured in a pristine, de-fielded frame for immediate use, whether in the show or published instantly.
    Send Recording to Playlist
    The Add to Playlist record panel command enables instant turnaround of in-show content, making recorded clips available for immediate playback from any DDR playlist.
    Send Grabs to Buffer
    Make the scene you’ve just produced available as a newly captured image source in your show. Grab and send the still image directly to a buffer and have it at your beck and call.
    Playlist Editing During Playback
    Easily accommodate revisions to the show rundown or new content without missing a beat by making changes and updates to media player playlists during showtime. Every preset bin can be accessed and reorganized on the fly, even playing back content from one playlist while editing on another.
    Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify complex ones. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, then trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, control surface action or MIDI button, or gesture-based on-screen hotspots. 1

    Please Note:

    Control surface sold separately


    Macro Editor
    Save time reproducing your painstaking macros from scratch. Tweak to your exact specifications, editing the action, timing, and order as needed to ensure that automated operations run smoothly and accurately.
    Configure your setup of a particular scene just the way you need it for any scenario then fire every macro action simultaneously to snap to it automatically, organizing and automating your show down to the finest detail.
    Turn on-screen areas into interactive controls and let your talent trigger macros with live motion-even run your one-person show from in front of the camera. A wave of a hand or a walk to a mark, and the next action sequence happens automatically.
    MIDI Support
    Make the automation of your show even easier or breakout control tasks to additional crew with TriCaster’s extensive MIDI support. Add one or any number of MIDI devices that fit your application and budget, assign macros to controller buttons, and provide dedicated control over video operations-even meshing them with live performance elements like sound, lighting, effects, and more.
    M/E Autoplay
    Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your production with instant automatic playback. Clips and content play right on cue whenever you press the applicable switcher or M/E button, meaning zero delay when taking a video or image.
    Session Templates
    Set up and store session settings in reusable templates to jump right to your custom configuration during pre-show activities.
    MEM Slot Presets
    A timesaver on every level allows you to configure M/Es, LiveSet shots, transitions, media players, and more with your most frequently used setups and content. Presets include multiple slots for instant access to your preferred assets, even while live.
    Input Grouping
    Use the UI to link switcher and M/E source rows together in color-coded groups to streamline your simultaneous actions on multiple sources and multiple outputs. Make instant, accurate adjustments and fewer mistakes.
    UI Enhancements
    Next-generation user interface standardizes workflows and conventions across all pro-level models, providing more intuitive control placement and enhanced visuals for better performance and more efficient operation in typical control environments.
    Monitoring Enhancements
    Preview any source, including M/Es and Buffers, within Waveform/Vectorscope for color correction and level adjustment.
    Multi-View Overlays
    Individually customize each multi-view preview monitor, adjusting on the fly for fine-tuned workflow or simply for observation.
    Audio Control Surface (Avid Artist Mix)
    Add an audio operator to your crew to focus solely on sound. TriCaster supports the Avid Artist Mix audio control surface (sold separately) to provide hands-on control over audio levels and configuration options.
    Audio Follow Video (AFV)
    Simplify even the most complex A/V setup by selecting any video source to automatically trigger the appropriate audio selection.
    Stereo Output Mixes
    Expand audio without adding more hardware. Pair stereo output mixes for quad audio, or split them up for multi-language production, a secondary mix, and much more. TriCaster also features dual auxiliary outputs.
    Audio Routing
    TriCaster provides you with a myriad of audio distribution combinations with independent routing of any channel from any input to any and all of the 4 audio output mixes.
    Pan Control
    Pan control on every channel creates a rich, layered sound experience.
    Rename Audio Inputs
    TriCaster makes it easy for you to keep sources straight, use your own naming conventions, and simplify adjustments.
    Independent Delay
    Compensate for sync issues with incoming video from mixed cameras, with the ability to adjust the audio delay for every input.
    Source/Output Audition
    Listen and adjust more accurately, with the ability to toggle Solo setting on or off. Audition any single source or output channel, with both exclusive and latch operation options.
    PTZ Camera Control
    Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras directly from the user interface, including camera orientation, zoom, focus, and iris. Position presets with thumbnail preview and make it easy to set up shots remotely and change angles on the fly.
    Social Media Share Panel
    Take over second and third screens with built-in social media sharing. Real-time publishing instantly links you with all of your social networks-like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube-so you can share, distribute, and engage instantly, even when you don’t have a dedicated social media producer on site.
    FTP & File Copy
    Duplicate and transfer saved files and recordings for internal and external distribution, getting content to the people that need it more quickly and efficiently.
    Clip Publishing
    Prepare recorded files for publishing, creating in and out points on the frames of preference, and then uploading to the desired destination for internal use or external viewing.
    Still Grab & Publish
    Grab stills from all inputs (including Buffers) and main outputs simultaneously, with enhanced de-fielding for better image quality, and publish immediately to social sites or post-production workflows.
    Mix/Effects Banks (4)
    Expand creative possibilities for your production. In Mix mode, M/Es can use program/preview transitions and overlay to create full-featured sub-mixes. In Effect mode, you can create multiple video layers for real-time compositing, or transform your green screen setup into an elaborate virtual set.
    Network Out
    Adding more flexibility to TriCaster’s outputs, a configurable over-the-network destination-just like any hardware I/O connection-can be assigned a video source and independent audio channel.
    M/E Submix Out
    Double your output and audience opportunities by switching 2 shows simultaneously or producing a secondary feed for post-show repurposing, with the ability to output an M/E sub-mix.
    M/E Record
    Record specialized sub-mixes of your live production that you can repurpose at will. Set your record source to any M/E, and capture an alternate cut of your live show, an uninterrupted feed of a select composition, or even an identical program with different branding.
    User Interface
    Provides complete control over live production, streaming, recording, and media publishing operations.
    Recordable Macros
    Make your favorite series of commands automatic. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, make adjustments as needed with the built-in Macro Editor, then trigger with a single click, keystroke, or button press. The talent can also trigger macros by making contact with configurable on-screen hotspots.
    Choose a view that works for you with a variety of selectable layouts for the user interface and multiview monitor displays.
    Live Streaming
    Launch live streaming video of your show to the Web with simultaneous archive, at the touch of a button. TriCaster 460 includes presets for the most common streaming profiles, in resolutions up to 720p, with support for custom multi-bit-rate stream profiles.
    A unique view from every angle is up for grabs. You can snap photos from inputs, buffers, and outputs simultaneously, or build a collection of HD still images to post to social media sites or use during the show.
    Capture video from up to 4 individual sources simultaneously with integrated the IsoCorder multi-track, multi-format recording technology. Files are recorded at native resolution and are compatible with most non-linear editing applications, computer operating systems, and media sharing websites.
    Live Desktop Monitors
    Select from a variety of layouts for previewing production sources. Full field rate displays also include convenient options for additional customization, including safe areas, VU meters, and alpha channel transparency display.
    Connect up to 4 live cameras or video sources, of any connection type or resolution, including robotic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras.
    Network Sources
    Share computer screens or displays from wireless Apple AirPlay devices, like iPad, iPhone, or iPod, connected to the same local network. TriCaster 460 also accepts video over IP, streaming servers, USB video sources, NewTek 3Play and TriCaster systems, as well as a variety of third-party partner solutions as network inputs.
    Load and playback video clips, packages, and motion graphics. TriCaster 460 offers native support for almost every file format, with per-clip audio levels, scaling, and aspect ratio conversion, allowing you to work with essentially any media asset you’re given.
    Display images, apply titles, or present static graphics. Choose from and edit templates in a variety of styles and designs, or import your own graphics for a custom-branded live production.
    Look-Ahead Preview Monitor
    Setup and preview your next shot before it goes live, including any titles and overlays to be applied.
    Program Monitor
    View the primary video output being broadcast, streamed, projected, and/or recorded.
    Live Virtual Sets
    Get the look of a network-style studio, complete with real-time reflections and specular highlights. TriCaster 460 includes more than 30 HD virtual sets in a variety of styles and settings, each with multiple angles, customizable pan, zoom, and pedestal animations, shot presets, and support for interactive hotspots.
    M/E Buses
    You can mix multi-source compositions or create complex video effects and configure for output, and feed upstream to the main switcher or designate as an alternative recording mix. TriCaster 460 features 4 M/E buses, each a complete switcher with independent keying and positioning effects per selected source, Key layer, the powerful TransWarp effects engine, and presets. M/E buses also support 3D video production, macro hotspots, and live virtual sets.
    M/E Effects
    Apply titles, graphics, and spectacular effects to M/E compositions. Each M/E bus accommodates a transition effect between the A and B rows in Mix mode, supports a layering effect or virtual set in Effect mode, and includes a fully configurable Key layer with independent keying, positioning effects, transition controls, and support for TransWarp effects.
    Live Production Switcher
    Control production in all resolutions up to 1080p, integrating multiple cameras, video feeds, network sources, stored media, graphics, transitions, and effects without any extra hardware or external devices.
    Switcher Effects
    Apply titles, graphics, and spectacular effects to live video. The switcher supports dynamic TransWarp effects on the primary video layer, and on 2 fully configurable DSKs. Each DSK also includes independent keying, positioning effects, and transition controls.
    TransWarp Effects
    Supported on every available effects channel, the TransWarp effects engine is a powerful integrated effects system in live production. TriCaster 460 electrifies live video, DSKs, and overlays with full-color animation store transitions, complete with embedded audio and 3D warping of video. The integrated Animation Store Creator application also allows you to build custom transitions and effects, with eye-catching visuals like real-time cloth dynamics, 3D transformations, and motion overlays.
    Load video clips, motion graphics, sounds, titles, and stills of virtually any file format for live playback or overlay. Build playlists before or during a show, and save frequently used video and graphics collections as presets.
    Access up to 15 additional media sources instantly during live production, including video clips, animations, images, titles, and graphics. TriCaster 460 supports 5 animation buffers and 10 still and title buffers, each with independent playback and transition controls, plus presets. View and manage buffer content via the integrated multiviewer, including animation preview and live title editing.
    Multi-Channel Audio Mixer
    Deliver pristine sound with adjustable audio for all internal and external sources, plus 4 fully independent stereo output mixes. Enjoy precision control, including robust audio follow video and routing configuration, per-input audio delay timing, and a 7-band equalizer and compressor/limiter on every source and output. Touchscreen and tactile remote control are also in the mix, via the companion iPad audio mixing app and native support for Avid Artist Mix audio control surfaces.
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 Control Surface
    The Newtek TriCaster 460 Control Surface, part of the complete TriCaster 460 solution, lets you maintain a small production footprint without sacrificing manual control. With an intuitive layout, familiar live production controls, and compact frame, the TriCaster 460 Control Surface is suitable for mobile production or tight spaces.
    Intuitive layout, suitable for both TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410, mapped directly to the user interface for maximum interaction
    Full-featured workflow for optimal live production performance
    Illuminated buttons for heightened visibility of control surface activity under any environmental lighting conditions
    Premium T-Bar and 3-axis joystick for precision control of effects, zooms, and transitions
    Seamless, simultaneous changeover of multiple production elements with versatile, multi-select delegate controls
    Durable, ergonomic design for confident, comfortable performance
    TriCaster 460 Control Surface is also backward compatible with TriCaster 455, 450 EXTREME, and 450 models