NewTek Live Sports Mini HD-4i Solution with 3play Mini


NewTek Live Sports Mini HD-4i Solution with 3play Mini


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Product Highlights

  • Ultra-Portable Sports Production Suite
  • Connect up to 4 HDMI Cameras
  • Output via DVI and HDMI
  • Mobile UI Control / 3Play CS Supported
  • Up to 1080p30 / 1080i60 Video
  • 4:4:4:4 32-Bit Floating Point Processing
  • 4-Ch 96 kHz 32-Bit Floating Point Audio
  • 7″ LCD with Configurable Output
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Supports Tally Display

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The NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i is a compact, all-in-one multimedia solution that allows you to simultaneously broadcast, stream, and record live productions from virtually anywhere. The 16-channel switcher makes it easy to switch between four HDMI cameras, mix audio, add graphics and titles, and add advanced effects like virtual sets and animated transitions. Using the same intuitive and fully featured control software as the rest of the TriCaster professional line, the TriCaster Mini is suited for both new users and seasoned pros.

In addition to the four HDMI inputs, you can choose from two live sources from supported devices on the network, including computers, USB webcams, or even wireless Apple AirPlay devices. Two HDMI outputs are provided for sending the Program output with audio to external devices, with video-only HDMI and DVI outputs available for monitoring. In order to view the user interface and multi-view output, HDMI and DVI outputs are provided.

The TriCaster Mini features an internal 750GB storage drive that provides up to 15 hours of HD video recording. You can also attach external USB 3.0 drives to record up to four simultaneous video input or output signals at full resolution. The TriCaster Mini supports HD live streaming with presets up to 720p available for RTMP and browser-based streaming applications. Additionally, you can save a web-ready streaming file for later upload to popular social media or video-on-demand sites.

A cable retention bracket comes included, which doubles as a handle for the TriCaster Mini. Also included are a keyboard and mouse, which provide cordless operation via wireless Bluetooth technology. You can also add the optional TriCaster Mini Control Panel for traditional tactile control with T-bar and illuminated buttons.


Deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with NewTek’s ultra-portable 3Play Mini, a full-featured live production suite designed small and lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack. Connect up to four HDMI cameras and produce instant replays, super-resolution slow motion, highlights, and more. Output via DVI and HDMI for multiview preview displays, and monitor the live output on a built-in 7″ LCD screen. Add pro-level transitions and graphics into your programs. Plug into a switcher or video board. Control everything via a web browser on a mobile device or incorporate an optional 3Play control surface.

The 3Play Mini is easy to carry, and quick and easy to set up. The small size makes even the smallest venues accessible. Start producing right out of the box.

Automatic Replay Recording
Forget to press record? No problem. When you set your first Mark In or Mark Out point, 3Play Mini automatically triggers the Record button to capture incoming video signals.Synchronized, Continuous Capture
When you press the Record button, configured sources are continuously captured and stored until you manually deactivate recording. Freely focus on 3Play Mini’s other functions without interrupting capture.Multi-Channel Recording
3Play Mini simultaneously records multiple channels of video at native resolution. Capture every angle of live action for instant replay, playback, or archive.
Simultaneous HD/SD Output
Record and playback content in HD and SD simultaneously, with configurable output resolutions.Display Output
Supply an output signal from your production to a projector, scaling system, or display to present to an in-house or local audience.Interpolated Slow Motion
Amplify the intensity of highlights or analyze the action frame by frame with smooth, interpolated slow motion. Replay the action at half-speed, quarter-speed, and more with clarity and detail.Multi-Speed Playback
Choose to replay captured clips or roll imported media in real time or at variable speeds. Show the action again at game speed, or alter the playback rate for dramatic emphasis.List Playback
Choose and compile clips for sequenced playback. Create highlight reels or build blocks of content, then hit play to roll from one clip to the next automatically.Clip Playback
Capture and mark live action as 3Play Mini events, then replay clips from multiple angles. You can also import clips and operate 3Play Mini as a media server.Delayed Output
Once you begin recording, you can initiate playback whenever you like. Output recorded video seconds, minutes, even hours after recording starts.Live Output
Send any incoming video signal directly to one or both output channels to supply a live feed to downstream displays or production systems.

Dual Playout Channels
3Play provides two fully independent, simultaneous playout channels for output, each capable of supplying a live feed or playback of recorded content to a downstream display or production system — like having two playback devices in one.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 20 x 12 in