NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 & 3Play 4800


NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 & 3Play 4800


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Product Highlights

  • TriCaster 460 with 4 Camera Inputs
  • 3Play 4800 8-Camera Replay System
  • Dedicated Control Surfaces
  • Simultaneously Broadcast, Stream, Record
  • Formats Up to 1080/30p/24p, 1080/60i
  • Visual & Motion Effects
  • Virtual Sets with Two Live Sources
  • Live Replay Switching
  • Instant Replay & Slow Motion
  • Cross-Platform Macro Commands

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The NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 and 3Play 4800 pairs a live production switcher with a multi-camera replay system for large venue broadcast and sports productions, each with a dedicated control surface. The solution supports resolutions up to 1080/30p and 1080/60i, and allows you to create, replay, record, publish, and stream live broadcast and sporting events. The TriCaster 460 supports four cameras and features an audio mixer, titles, warping transitions, buffers, virtual sets, DSK, and DVE effects. The 3Play 4800 adds eight live camera inputs and slow motion, instant replay, multi-angle preview, and in-game highlights features, with the output feed recognized as a live video source on the TriCaster via a network connection for system integration.

House in a 2U rack mount chassis, the TriCaster 460 features built-in IsoCorder technology for recording of up to four isolated, simultaneous feeds during live production, from any combination of the HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, S-Video, or Composite input connections. You can instantly publish content to popular social media sites, upload to FTP sites, transfer to storage volumes/network locations, share clips and stills during production, or upload your entire show within minutes after production wraps. Custom memory presets and key commands allow you to streamline sophisticated operation sequences that are too complex for real-time action execution. 3TB of internal storage is included for approximately 70 hours of 1080i recording.

The 3Play 4800 is a single 4U rack mount solution with features such as hardware console control, 8-camera ISO recording and playback, slow-motion replay, media publishing, highlights creation, and more. The unit is capable of storing up to 200 hours of 1080i video on its four 2TB media drives. With multi-view monitoring of every live video source and clip monitors for comprehensive scouting of captured content, you can preview and switch between every angle of recorded clips simultaneously; either from the UI or the controller.

The output from the 3Play can be sent to the TriCaster over a local network via an Ethernet connection, enabling remote operation of 3Play clip cueing and playback from the TriCaster interface. 3Play output signal appears as a live source through the TriCaster network inputs. Integration between the two system lets you consolidate control by combining macro commands to trigger operations across both platforms. You can also send tally status across the network as well as access and play files written between the two shared network storage drives, without having to import and host locally.

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Additional information

Weight 124 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 25 x 19 in