NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 & 3Play 425


NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 & 3Play 425


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Product Highlights

  • TriCaster 460 with 4 Camera Inputs
  • Configurable for up to 9 Outputs
  • 3Play 425 4-Camera Replay System
  • Up to 140 Hours of Recording
  • Includes Dedicated Control Surfaces
  • Broadcast, Project, Stream, Record
  • Instant Replay, Including Slow Motion
  • VFX, Transitions, 30+ Virtual Sets
  • Cross-Platform Macro Commands
  • Formats up to 1080/30p/24p, 1080/60i

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The NewTek Live Sports 460 Solution: TriCaster 460 & 3Play 425 combines the TriCaster 460 Production Switcher and 3Play 425 Instant Replay System into a complete video switching and instant replay solution for broadcast and sports venue productions.

In a typical scenario, you’ll have the 3Play out in the field and the TriCaster back in the studio, with the two systems integrated over a local network. The TriCaster can send cross-platform macro commands to the 3Play for remote operation of 3Play cueing and playback, and it gets access to 3Play’s internal and external storage drives. Both systems support up to 1080p30/p24/i60 and a dedicated control surface is included with each.

TriCaster 460 is a 2RU switcher supporting 4 live camera inputs and allowing you to simultaneously broadcast, project, stream, and record. It has 4 standard M/E buses, 15 channels in total, and is configurable for up to 9 outputs. It features collections of visual effects and transitions, over 30 3D and holographic virtual sets, and more. 3Play 425 is also a 2RU system supporting 4 live cameras and up to 140 hours of recording to internal and removable drives in mixed inputs, formats, and frame rates.

    • 3Play 425 Instant Replay System without Control Surface

      The 3Play 425 Instant Replay System from NewTek is a 6-channel instant-replay slow-motion HD video server without a controller unit designed for use in control rooms and production vehicles of all sizes. With support for removable storage devices and a recording capacity of up to 40 hours, you can perform marathon recording with ease, whenever and wherever required.

      The Unit Replay System uses session management to help ensure your data stays organized. It also comes with a slow-motion feature that enables you to break down highlights or analyze pivotal moments frame-by-frame. It can be used as a standalone unit, paired with the existing production system, or it can be teamed up with TriCaster over a local network.

      Multi-camera instant replay, slow motion and real-time highlights editing
      Four camera replay solution scaled for mobility to produce high-impact local sports anywhere
      Compact 2U frame for live sports in small spaces
      Flexible I/O with mix-and-match HD and SD component, composite, and SDI connectivity for any resolution
      Multi-track ISO recording of each camera feed for complete access to source footage
      Optional countertop or counter-sunk control console for maximum tactile control

Additional information

Weight 124 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 25 x 19 in