NewTek TriCaster 410 Plus

Back and better than ever, NewTek™ has revived one of its power house live production switchers but fitted for the modern world of broadcasting. The TriCaster 410 Plus.

The TriCaster 410 Plus is the newest edition to the production switcher family. A mid sized rack mounted unit, the 410 Plus is ideal for any production that wants to create a professional broadcast, stream or just record up to 1080i at 60fps.

While the 410 Plus bears the name of its predecessor, there are several key differences between the older and newer model to take note of. For starters, the 410 Plus is not limited to 4 inputs like the days of old, instead having up to 4 physical SDI-SD/HD inputs or up to 8 configurable NDI inputs.

The 410 Plus does not use HDMI or analog inputs like older models, but if you are still using these types of inputs and are unable to switch right away, Amitrace is happy to offer plenty of converter solutions for set up.

For more information on how you can make use of the 410 Plus in your modern broadcast set up, feel free to reach out to Amitrace for free consultation.

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