Live Streaming Built for House of Worship

Your community needs you now more than ever and unfortunately, they can not make it to your venue. Live Streaming is no longer an option and is more necessary than ever before. Let us help you get your message to the community.

With changes in technology it has become easier and more cost effective to live stream. We have a wide range of equipment to get you streaming quickly and for much less than you might think.

Our manufacturers like, NewTek, Datavideo, and Black Magic Design, all have affordable equipment that consist of a wide range of features including streaming.

Amitrace can also provide expert installation and integration with the equipment you already own. You may already have a full broadcast but lack the equipment to get it out live to the world. You may not have anything and need to have a complete production in a box. Whatever your story, let us help you take that next step in getting your services out to where everyone can experience it.


We love our TriCaster line up. One of the most versatile pieces of production equipment on the market, the TriCaster can be the last switcher you will ever need. With integrated title, graphics, videos, recording, streaming, green screen, and built in audio, there is nothing this unit can’t do.


These unique production box’s come packed with loads of features right at your finger tips, while decreasing the need for hours of training and practice. The simple design can clear controls, creating a show could be only minutes away from opening the box.

BlackMagic Design

We all know them or you have at least heard of them. BlackMagic has a vast catalog of products all designed with professional production in mind. While they are a more piece meal integration and require a little more time and effort to begin, they are really durable hardware.

Where We Come In

Amitrace has been and will always be dedicated to our clients. We are a family owned and operated company and have been for 30 years. There will always be a personal touch to everything we sell and install. We offer training and support to all of our clients and will continue to support you for years to come. We have the knowledge and skills to put together a custom production package together while being cost effective.

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