Tennessee CTE Director Virtual Lunch and Learn

Since 2020, the demand for video content has increased tremendously and high school video programs are the front lines for creating content for their community and preparing the next generation of content creators.

This virtual lunch and learn will give you the strategy needed to best equip your school to efficiently create content that moves the needle for your school and community while giving your students a variety of learning opportunities.

How To Participate

This is a true lunch and learn. We will have a pizza delivered to you so you can enjoy a meal while you attend this free webinar.

You will be introduced to some of the Amitrace staff and shown ideas on the best way to get your program to the next level.


Complete The Registration Form

  • Give us your info. 
  • Tell us what you want on your pizza.
  • Let us know where you want it delivered.

Attend the Webinar

Get Ready To Learn What It Takes To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Program.


The webinar will be at 12:30pm ET. You will receive a link to the event the week of November 13th.


Enjoy Your Pizza

We will work with local pizza delivery companies to get you pizza before the webinar starts.

Broadcast Case Study

We pulled out all the stops to create a full-scale broadcast studio and control room for East Forsyth High School.

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