Broadcast Training

*The Next Training Day Is Scheduled for Oct 25th-27th

3-Day Course Outline

Lesson 1: General Video Knowledge

Lesson 2: Software Setup and Configuration

Lesson 3: Working with Sessions

Lesson 4: Media Import and Export

Lesson 5: Networking and Web Streaming

Lesson 6: Live Operation

Lesson 7: Using Media Players

Lesson 8: Virtual Inputs

Lesson 9: Live Sets

Lesson 10: Working with Audio

Lesson 11: Animation Store Creator

Lesson 12: Virtual Set Editor

Lesson 13: Creating Custom Virtual Sets

Lesson 14: Holographic Virtual Sets

Lesson 15: General Workflow Enhancements

Faraz Ahmed is an EMMY award winning technical director, workflow consultant, and broadcast trainer, who has been working with NewTek projects for over a decade.

His strength comes from teaching workflows, not just basic product knowledge.  Faraz has worked as a consultant all over the world and across the United States.  His clients include NBA TV, WNBA, IBM, Turner Broadcasting, and more.


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