TC-1 Loyalty Promotion Discount

Hello everybody!


Until the end of the month we’ve got a very special promotional deal going on for owners of older TriCaster models. Until October 30th you can register your older TriCaster’s serial number and get up to $5000 off of a TC-1 Bundle purchase or $2500 off of the TC-1 stand alone.


The following machines qualify for this promotion: TC455, TC450/X, TC410, all TCMini models, TCXD300, TC40, TC Broadcast, TC Studio, TC Pro, TC 100, TC Duo).


The coolest part about this deal is that it is not a trade in promotion. You still get to keep your old machine. All we need is the serial number of your older model in order to qualify for the deal.


If you have any questions about this promotional deal please reach out to us at or call us at 770-263-9190.


This deal ends on the 30th of October, so don’t wait! If you’re looking to upgrade from your older set up to the latest and greatest production switcher from NewTek, now is the time!


If you want to learn some more, feel free to watch our video below on the subject as well. Also check out our video on the TC-1 or our webinar where we go into more of its features and capabilities.


We hope to see you all soon!


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