Educational Video Solutions – Education K-12

The Most Affordable Video Production Tools For Your Classroom and Your Classroom Studios

  • Create Your Studio: 
    We’ve built dozens of studios for schools just like yours and are prepared to give you exactly what you’re looking for in order to create the most optimal learning environment.
  • Prepare the Future: 
    Video technology is becoming more prominent in our children’s lives. Let us help you in improving their future in video production.
  • Strengthen School Spirit:
    An entertaining and well produced program can be vital to keeping school spirit alive. Create an environment that engages your students, teaches them new skills and bonds them together as a team.
  • Go Beyond the Classroom:
    Board meetings, live school events, fundraisers, all of these things benefit from having well equipped video tools. Improve every aspect of your learning environment.

In the Studio

In The Control Room

In the Field

In the Classroom

Bring Your School Together


Schools We Have Worked With

Georgia Southern University
University of Georgia
Armstrong State University
Bartow County College & Career Academy
Dekalb County School District
Albany State University
The University of Mississippi
Georgia College
Gwinnett Public County Schools
Georgia Gwinnett Grizzlies

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